Sunday, January 15, 2017

Bucket of Balls

My goals and intentions of this painting was to try to mix oil paint and not use the color black.  I accomplished this by mixing red and blue to get my black and mixing white into that to get the grays.  The thing that surprised me most was how I wasn’t a perfectionist like usual.  In this piece I painted fast and didn’t worry about the slightest detail.  My drawing is about shadows and mixing paint.  Without the right shadows The balls and the bucket wouldn’t look realistic and 3-D. 

The most difficult challenge I had to face was not getting paint on me.  To meet this challenge I wore a vest from Mars.  I experienced the shift to the right side of the brain when I didn’t want to stop painting even when the bell for the next class rang.  My drawing really works in the red ball because of the different colors in the red ball and the white stripes.

Something I learned that I can bring into my next painting is how to mix the paint.  Before this project, I didn’t know how to mix the paint to get a certain color.  I learned how to make a white shadow from Laura.  I brought this idea into my piece with the bright red part of the red ball.  If I had a do over, I would have not painted as slow.  I would have painted faster to try to get more done and then add detail when I got done.  I think the best thing about my work is how the dark purple and the dark green make a really good shadow.  I think that they contrast each other very well.

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  1. Your artist statement is wonderful. I can see you learned a lot. I REALLY Like how you handled the shadows. Getting into the zone like you did is why artists do what they do. Good work.