Monday, December 12, 2016


My goals and intentions of this piece was to use oil pastels to get a colorful picture.  Another one of my goals was to get the ball to look 3 dimensional.  I accomplished the 3D ball by casting shadows on the ball and then drawing them.  The thing that surprised me most about my drawing was how great the background turned out.  I think the different blues and purples mixed together make a really pretty tie-dye looking background.  My drawing is about shadows.  The main focus of my drawing is the dark shadow in the middle of the page.  I think that the shadow of the ball leads you to look at the ball.

The most difficult challenge I had to face was was getting the right color when I was blending.  Sometimes when I blended, I couldn't get the right color, but sometimes when I did get the right color on the test page, I couldn't get it on the picture.  I met this challenge by playing around with the different colors to get the right color.  I experienced the shift to the right side of the brain when I couldn't hear the people talking around me.  All of the noise around me stopped.

My drawing really works at the shadow.  I think the shadow does a good job of leading your eye underneath the ball and onto it.  Something that I learned that I can bring into my next drawing is that not everything has to be detailed.  I learned that I didn't have to draw the spikes of the comb because they would make the drawing too detailed.  I learned how to make a silver color from Laura.  I didn't need to use the color, however I learned how she made the silver color and how to make things reflect off of it.  If I had a do-over, I would choose a different composition.  I don't think that my composition in this drawing make sense.  I think that the best thing about this piece is the shadow of the ball.  I really like it because it makes the ball look really 3-D and it casts a shadow over the whole composition.

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  1. You really learned a lot in this piece. he person with the most detail doesnt win